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GSA 2022: Opening Day

GSA Opening Day 2022

Opening Day & Registration

GET EXCITED - Move In Day for GSA 2022 is just around the corner! So, what exactly do you need to know? Here is a summarized list of the information you need to have handy before and during your scheduled move-in (June 12th or July 10th).

1. Pre-Program Information Packet

2. Discipline Letters

3. COVID Safety Protocols

4. GSA Parent & Guardian Contact Sheet

5. Move-In Instructions & UKY Campus Maps

NOTE - Each item listed above is expanded throughout the rest of this page. Please review each item in this list thoroughly (and don't forget to click on the hyperlinks!).

Pre-Program Information Packet (Click Here to Review This Document)

  • This is the document you should have received from us via postal mail. If you lost your original packet (or you never received it), you can click the hyperlink above for a digital copy.
  • As a reminder, this document contains information such as the opening day & registration schedule, a general packing list for your dorm, and an overview of GSA's Community Guidelines.

Discipline Letters (Click Here to Access This Page)

  • These documents contain important information from your faculty and staff from your specific artform. They include information such as faculty introductions, a class supply list, and preparation instructions for upcoming projects (if applicable).
  • As a reminder, if you are unable to purchase specific supplies that are required for your artform, please contact our administration team IMMEDIATELY at [email protected]. We are happy to help out!
  • NOTE - Creative Writing and Dance students are REQUIRED to bring a laptop, iPad, or tablet with them to use for class. If you do not have access to one for the summer, please contact our team at [email protected] IMMEDIATELY. We will be happy to provide you one at check-in on June 12th or July 10th to borrow for the duration of your GSA session.

COVID Safety Protocols - Updated 6.10.22 - (Click Here to Review This Document)

  • The health, safety, and well-being of GSA students, faculty, and staff are the program’s most important priority. Given the unique nature of the GSA program and the many unpredictable COVID-related variables that society may navigate during the months of the summer program, GSA has developed the following COVID-safety guidelines and procedures for both 2022 sessions. All policies are subject to change as GSA remains responsive to the ongoing nature of COVID spread. 
  • NOTE - All students will be required to submit a negative COVID test upon move-in. For more information, please refer to the COVID Safety Protocol Letter linked above.

GSA Parent & Guardian Contact Sheet (Click Here to Review This Document)

  • Are you a GSA 2022 parent or guardian? Are you wondering how to keep tabs on your young artist(s)? This document contains all the information you need to contact our administration team and residential life staff throughout their stay this summer.

GSA Opening Day 2022

Move-In Instructions & UKY Campus Maps

IT'S THE INFORMATION YOU'VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR. In all seriousness, we know that the moving process can be overwhelming at times! However, please know that our amazing staff will be present to assist you. It'll be fun - We promise!



You can find this information in two locations: The Pre-Program Information Packet or the Move-In Day Campus Map.



Remember that map we just mentioned? This document will be your best friend on June 12th or July 10th! No matter what artform you're in, you're going to use this map to navigate UK's campus throughout the day. Included is information such as parking, cart stations, and where to register.

Move-In Instructions: A Quick Overview

  1. Drive to the Cart Stations FIRST. These are located on Martin Luther King Blvd (In between Avenue of Champions and E Maxwell Street). Park your car, put your flashers on, and unload all of your stuff. We've provided shopping carts for you to transport your items to Holmes Hall (your new home).
  2. Park your Car - While at least one of you pushes the shopping cart to Holmes Hall, someone will have to park the car. The main parking lot is just one street over, on Lexington Avenue. Parking will be free today, so don't worry! Just make sure you go to Coliseum Parking Lot.
  3. Car Parkers - Join your loved one(s) at Holmes Hall. Now you're ready to check into GSA 2022!

NOTE - There will be GSA signs and plenty of staff members available to direct you in case you get lost.



This is an additional map for INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC STUDENTS ONLY!

As stated in the Instrumental Music discipline letters, you will need to unload your large instrument (if applicable) at the Fine Arts Building between 12:00pm and 1:00pm only.

Please follow the directions to the Fine Arts Building, exactly as listed in this map. This route starts at the Coliseum Parking Lot

NOTE - 12:00pm to 1:00pm is the ONLY time GSA staff will be available for large instrument load-in.

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