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Volunteer Program

Kentucky Performing Arts is proud to have 300+ active and friendly volunteers who contributed more than 35,000 hours of service last year.

Volunteers are an integral part of Kentucky Performing Arts’ team.  Since opening our doors in 1983, volunteers have contributed their time and skills to create a welcoming and hospitable environment for patrons. Whether students visiting our venues for the first time on a class field trip, out-of-town visitors attending regional or national conferences, or long-time supporters of the arts, Kentucky Performing Arts volunteers set the stage for each patron’s arts experience. They are the face of Kentucky Performing Arts to patrons, the first to greet them when they arrive for an event and the last face they see as they leave. Volunteers fill a variety of roles here at Kentucky Performing Arts. These include ticket takers, ushers, greeters, tour guides, bus assistants, as well as manning our information desk and coat check, and providing important support for our administrative functions and Access Services Program. The high quality of service delivered by volunteers is a critical piece in Kentucky Performing Arts' mission to provide unparalleled programming and cultural events to the region.

The Kentucky Performing Arts Volunteer Program recognizes the variety of time commitments that some very dedicated individuals can make. Therefore, we have developed five distinct programs to meet those various needs.  Each of these different programs are outlined below!

Would You Like to be a Kentucky Performing Arts Volunteer?

To learn more about the Kentucky Performing Arts' Volunteer Program, check out the position description. Interested individuals should apply to the Volunteer Program by clicking on the box below. New Volunteer Orientations are held annually, typically in August. For more information, contact the Manager of Volunteers Services at (502) 566-5168.

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Producer Volunteer Program

Producer Volunteer Program

Open to any individuals 16 or over who do not meet the requirements for Chorus or Conductor Volunteers. Producer Program Volunteers are required to provide 80 hours of service per year. This is currently our largest volunteer group.

Conductor Volunteer Program

Conductor Volunteer Program

Open to individuals who work full time (35 or more hours a week) or who are over the age of 23 and who go to school full time (12 or more hours a semester). The Conductor Program Volunteers are required to provide 60 hours of service per year.

Chorus Volunteer Program

Chorus Volunteer Program

Open to individuals between the ages of 16 and 23 who are enrolled in school full time. The Chorus Program Volunteers are required to provide 40 hours of service per year.

Corporate Volunteer Program

Corporate Volunteer Program

The Corporate Program is perfect for corporate groups that are looking for team-building experiences or opportunities to participate in community outreach! In order to be eligible to participate, groups must be affiliated with either a corporation, a 501(c)(3) organization, or an accredited educational or religious institution. If you have a company, business or group that is interested in learning more about this program, contact Volunteer Services at (502) 566-5168.

Support for Community Living Program

The Support for Community Living Program is a great opportunity for individuals currently participating in community living support programs who want to be involved in the arts community. For information on how to apply, please contact the Manager of Volunteer Services at 502-566-5168.

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Current Volunteers

Current Kentucky Performing Arts volunteers may login to the Volunteer Information Center, where you may update your personal information, receive messages from the Volunteer Services Office, and check your service record.

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