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For 10 years, ArtsThrive (formerly known as Arts in Healing) has provided a bridge between Kentucky's vibrant arts scene and Louisville's renowned healthcare providers. By contracting local, professional artists, to bring creativity into healing environments in 22 partnering healthcare facilities and designing individualized programs around the needs of patients, family and staff, ArtsThrive uplifts spirits, provides needed avenues of self-discovery and expression, and opens doors to new possibilities to those in high-stress, crisis, transition, and recovery.

To learn more about ArtsThrive, email Kristen Hughes, Director, or call at (502) 566-5197. 

“Just verbalizing my fears and letting myself be vulnerable in a safe community has made a big difference in understanding and being able to control my anger. It has helped my self-confidence, helped heal my family relationships, brought me new friends, and made me a better person.”

-Steve, US Navy 1964-1969 in Warrior’s Heart Community.

In 31 ongoing programs-weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly, ArtsThrive brings instrumental music, vocal music, storytelling, poetry-writing, dance, drama, and visual art to patients healing from substance abuse, children in shelter, seniors facing end of life issues, and veterans grappling with the consequences of combat, military service, and lack of community. Through its own flagship programming, Warrior’s Heart Community, ArtsThrive builds circles of healing and connection among veterans and civilians.

It is a deep honor and profoundly impactful to everyone involved to watch the miracle of healing happen--when through the exploration of the arts, hope is born, a new tool for expression is discovered, or simply, a positive connection with someone is established during a time of struggle or isolation, or in the midst of pain and uncertainty.  Being creative is a powerful medicine!

ArtsThrive Testimonials:

“This has been my favorite class here at Freedom House. I discovered how artistic I really am and how beneficial arts and crafts in this class have been to my stress level, self-esteem and my happiness. I am so grateful for ArtsThrive and Miss Pat.”

“Please share this message of thankfulness to the Cello Player, I think his name is Wayne. He played for my Father today at VA in the Hospice Unit. My Father is quite the musician himself & I know if he were not so ill he would have chosen an instrument to play along. The music was beautiful, some of my Father’s favorite songs. Thank you, Mr. Wayne & God Bless You” --Betty

“The hardest thing I ever faced in my recovery was to find an outlet for all the new feelings and emotions that filled me to the brim and also to find something I could do for fun that didn’t involve negative behaviors. Through this poetry and arts and crafts class, I have been able to find that outlet and find these hobbies to do for fun. I find myself counting the days of the week just waiting for this class because it’s my release. It helps me to find that place inside me where everything is perfect and beautiful. I can’t show enough gratitude for what you have shown me and helped me to feel. You will never know how much you help the quiet ones that don’t know how to express the gratitude they feel. I hope this will help you see how much you have helped people like me.” -Joey

“ArtsThrive offers clients in our programs an invaluable opportunity to bolster their recovery through creativity. The men are in three recovery programs at Volunteers of America’s Shelby Street campus: Halfway Back, for parolees; Shelby Men’s Veterans Program (for homeless vets); and Shelby Men’s Recovery Center, a voluntary treatment program. ArtsThrive allows the clients to explore their creativity and also provides a model of positive ways to spend time in sobriety. For some of our clients, this program reminds them of the things they used to do before drugs and alcohol hijacked their lives. For others, the program opens a whole new world of experience. The ArtsThrive staff works very well with our clients, always encouraging them and providing positive reinforcement. The projects that the clients produce are terrific, and the clients value these, often giving them to family as gifts.” --Nancy Renick, LCSW Assistant Director of Men’s Addiction Recovery Services 12/13/17

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