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Meet Alison & Charisma

Bartending is its own art form. It’s achieving the perfect pour. It’s creating custom blends. It’s serving up that Instagram-worthy cocktail.

Whether you’re grabbing dinner and drinks before the show or hanging by the bar during the concert, the bartenders at Kentucky Performing Arts are working hard to create a memorable experience for our patrons…and they’re making a few memories of their own along the way.

Meet two of our Regulars: Alison Freels (left) and Charisma Holt (right) both started working at Kentucky Performing Arts just over a year ago and became fast friends bartending together at SCENE and Old Forester’s Paristown Hall.


Alison started bartending at the age of 20 to make some extra money. Charisma began as a cocktail waitress and became a bartender soon after. In fact, it was a talent she acquired from her mom, a fellow bartender. “I wanted to do everything she could do,” Charisma said. “She taught me everything I know about bartending.”

Next time you see them at one of our venues, you’ll have to ask them for one of their specialties. Alison is your go-to for a mocktail or an appletini, while Charisma likes a good Fireball cocktail or “something fruity.” However, if you’d rather stick with a classic, you can’t go wrong with an Old Fashioned.


Every show at Old Forester’s Paristown Hall brings our bartenders a new audience and another chance to impress. Of course, the new venue also brings Alison and Charisma plenty of live music to enjoy. We know these two enjoy singing ABBA in their down time, so who knows…maybe one day we’ll see them on stage with their ABBA Tribute Band.

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