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Lipstick Wars Poetry Slam - Q & A With KPA Community Arts Manager Rheonna Nicole Thornton

Rheonna Nicole Thornton (KPA Community Arts Manager) is a spoken word artist, creative, and Co-Creator of Girl Code Louisville. She’s also the proud Creator of Lipstick Wars Poetry Slam, an event that returns to The Kentucky Center this Saturday, June 8!

What is Lipstick Wars?

RT: Lipstick Wars is a platform created that provides a voice for women and girls of color through slam poetry, workshops and storytelling. 

What inspired you to create this event?

RT: Lipstick Wars was created in 2015. At the time I was an active slam poet and I noticed the lack of women in local poetry slams. I also felt the need to create a safe space where women could share their poems and not feel the weight of shame and judgement. 

What goes into producing an event like Lipstick Wars? 

RT: It’s really the logistics! Finding poets, advertising, hosts and DJs, 

Lipstick Wars: Juneteenth Edition is coming up this weekend! What can people expect from this year's event? 

RT: Full jam-packed show! Poets from all over the country, small black business vendors, and incredible hosts.

Can you tell us about the pre-show activities?

RT: The Juneteenth happy hour will provide some great eats, DJ and an opportunity to shop with local black businesses as well as support the poets. 


Click HERE for more information on Lipstick Wars Poetry Slam: Juneteenth Edition. 


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