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Diavolo Architecture in Motion

January 2019

Building fearless, high-flying live performances on a foundation of trust, teamwork, and cutting edge design

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Written by Erin Palmer, Senior Programming Manager, Kentucky Performing Arts

DIAVOLO Architecture in Motion® returned to Louisville for the third time on Friday, February 15, for a performance in Whitney Hall. Prior to their show, the company engaged with community in multiple ways throughout the day.

Diavolo_2019_2_staff workshop

In the morning, 20 members of Kentucky Performing Arts (KPA) staff, KPA volunteers, and resident company partner staff participated in a team-building workshop using trust exercises and movement to better understand each other and get to know each other in a different setting. The workshop was made possible in partnership with Kentucky Performing Arts Wellness in Action Committee and ArtsInspire.


In the afternoon, 18 students from the University of Louisville Theater Dept., participating in Professor Ariadne Calvano’s “circus and spectacle” movement class, took a Whitney Hall stage tour and observed the company’s technical rehearsal. Longtime company member Brandon Grimm introduced the group to the architectural pieces used in the show, which the company endearingly have given female identities and call “she”. He explained the construction of each set piece to the students and illustrated how the company interacts with these giant props. After observing the technical rehearsal, the class remarked how meaningful it was to get to see a touring company working in a new space in real-time. Most of the group also attended the evening performance.

In the evening, the company led a pre-show Q&A session followed by pictures for 24 VIP patrons in the KPA Mary Anderson Room. Jacques Heim, Diavolo’s founder and artistic director, served as moderator, asking the dancers in the company various questions about their experience as performers, and then inviting VIP patrons to pose questions to them as well.

Diavolo_2019_old foresters paristown hall

On Saturday, February 16, Mr. Heim and two of his colleagues took a tour of the new Kentucky Performing Arts venue, Old Forester’s Paristown Hall, currently under construction near Brent Street. They were intrigued by the performance possibilities in the venue and hope to return to Louisville to perform in the new space.

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