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GSA 2022 Raffle Information

Session 2 - Opening Day - Savs

Attention GSA 2022 Students and Parents!

It has come to our attention that the GSA 2022 Raffle Prize document included in our previous communications is outdated and inaccurate. Our sincerest apologies for this mix up and for any confusion it may have caused. While we know the main goal of our annual raffle is to raise money for GSA, we want to be sure that everyone has an accurate understanding of the exciting prizes that they are selling raffle tickets for.

Please click the link below to view the corrected GSA 2022 Raffle Prize document.

We thank you for your understanding and cheer you on as you continue to sell GSA raffle tickets that will help make an impact on our program’s future.

Click Here:GSA 2022 Raffle Prizes

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